Fish feeders certainly have their place on ponds and are an essential piece of equipment especially if you work away from home or on holiday. No matter what size of pond you have, be it small or large, and no matter how many fish you have, feeding with an automatic fish feeder affords you numerous advantages.

Fish are creatures of habit and will look for food when they are expecting it. Using a fish feeder will deliver food to your fish at certain times of the day, ensuring that your fish are fed and the amount of food is consistent. Ideally when feeding fish, especially koi, feeding five times a day is ideal. Smaller amounts more often lead to better growth, better pond water quality and a better environment for your fish. Koi do not have a stomach, they have a digestive tract that leads from the mouth to the rear end. As food passes down this digestive tract nutrients are absorbed, so the best way of feeding your koi is to have a good quality food entering this tract frequently. This is when automatic feeders come into their own even if you are at home all the time.

Growth rates of koi are impacted by several factors: the water quality, the genetic make up of the fish and feeding them a good quality koi food at regular intervals. Therefore, feeding with an automatic fish feeder takes care of the feeding aspect. We do however, even if using a fish feeder, recommend that you visit the koi at least once daily and give them a treat; this way you can see what is going on in the pond, and monitor their health. Changes in behaviour could indicate a health or parasitic problem. Please remember that koi feeders are to enhance the way you look after your fish and not to replace it.

In this section you will find a good  selection of fish feeders to suit all budgets and requirements. We have listed the best available fom manufacturers such as Evolution Aqua, Aquaforte, and Linn.

Koi Feeders

Koi Cafe Koi Feeder

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Aquaforte Koi Feeder Mains or Battery

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Aquaforte Solar Powered Fish Feeder

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Aquaforte Automatic Fish Feeder

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Evolution Aqua EvoFeed Automatic

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Linn Profi Feeder

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Superfish Koi Pro Automatic Feeder

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