One of the most important pieces of equipment that you should have to hand when keeping fish especially koi are koi bowls and temporary holding tanks.

The koi bowl is an invaluable asset to assist you in looking after your fish, and is often overlooked when setting up a pond, or at the onset of keeping fish.

In this koi bowls section we offer you a full range of koi bowls and holding tanks to assist you in your hobby. Having koi bowls to hand enable you to isolate fish and quarantine them should you have a problem. They enable you to catch and place the fish in a more easily accessible environment for checking them over, and for administering topical and medicinal treatments. 

Don't wait until you have a problem and need a koi bowl or koi vat: you should have one to hand. Prevention is far better and often cheaper than cure if you are prepared in advance.

In addition to koi bowls we offer a good selection of the finest koi nets and koi socks for sale in the koi handling nets section.

Koi Bowls and Tanks