The microscope is probably one of the most ignored yet fundamentally important pieces of equipment that is essential if you are really wishing to keep koi.

Novex Microscopes have many years of professional experience in all aspects of microscopy and specimen preparation. Here at Dankoi, we stock a good range of microscopes and accessories suited to the pond microscopist.

As professional koi keepers we have chosen a range of microscopes that offer the most complete specifications possible for the best price. We also feature the accessories needed to extend the capability of the microscope even further.

We can't emphasize enough that there is little point in just watching your koi and assuming that any health problem might be caused by parasites: it is actually essential to know which parasite.

So how do we identify those parasites? With very few exceptions, most parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye, and we need a microscope to be able to see and identify which particular parasite is causing the problem for our koi.

This might sound a bit intimidating, but need not be the case. There are many good microscopes available, and if you are unsure which one best suits your needs, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Novex LED Junior Microscope

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Novex BIO Blue MONO Microscope

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Novex BIO Blue BINO Microscope

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Novex Bio Blue MONO LCD Microscope

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