The water we drink is not fit for koi by any means!

Mains water contains chlorine and many hard metals, that are not healthy or productive for a healthy and balanced nitrogen cycle.

In his section you will find purifiers to suit all budgets and pond sizes.

To have effective water purification it is best to allow for very slow flow rates. The longer the water takes to pass through the purifier, the greater the benefits of the purification system.

A flow rate of one to two gallons per minute should adequately remove any nasty impurities, and the water can safely be added directly into your filtration system or the pond.

In their koi water gardening & coldwater range they have a tremendous selection of purifiers to suit even the most demanding pond keepers needs.

Evolution Aqua in-line de-chlorinators purify tap water using a de-mineralising process called de-ionisation. The new de-chlorinator from EA is a quick and simple method of filtering-out harmful chlorine and other impurities from tap water.

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Water Purifiers