The Linn Profi automatic feeder has been developed as an alternative to the standard clockwork feeders and as a result has some advantages that you may wish to consider when buying a fish feeder.

The Linn Profi automatic feeder has many applications including feeding fry, koi and ornamental fish, and offers real good value for money. The Linn Profi automatic fish feeder is not new to the market and they have been produced and developed over many years to reach the standard and efficiency of this latest model.

The Linn Profi feeder will hold 5Kg of food and will dispense food from fry food up to 9mm in size.There is a totally new controller making programming easy and automatic, and this controller  is is attached to the feeder body via its own 10m cable making placement options versatile.

A truly remarkable feeder.

Linn Profi Feeder

Linn Profi Feeder

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