Microbe LIft products are manufactured by Ecological laboritories Inc. in the United STates.

Ecological labaratories Inc. products and technologies are backed and supported by a modern and well equiped highly sophisticated reasearch and development laboratory. It is qequipped with the latest evaluation methodologies, and staffed by PhD and masters level microbiologists, chemists and highly qualified laboratory assistants.

Laboratory equipment includes:
  • Ultra-modern Genetic Sequencing and Analysis
  • DNA Amplification
  • Real time PCR
  • Anaerobic Chamber
  • Nucleic Acid Quantification
  • Two ELI Culture Banks
  • Essential Fermenters
Supporting lab equipment such as microscopes, chemical determination units, and necessary laboratory protective hoods. Operating in a protected laboratory environment with positive air pressure, and HEPA filter recirculated air, offering a prtotected environment for work and R&D projects and evaluations.

As a result of all this Research and Development a full range of Microbe Lift pond products are available for the general pond keeper that are listed here. You can rest assured that these products have been produced to the highest standards in both R&D and manufacture.

Microbe Lift Pond Products