TMC (Tropical Marine Centre) have been manufacturing Pond UV Claifiers for decades and with this comes years of innovative development and design.

Here you will find the latest improved version of the TMC Pro Clear UV, now called the TMC Pro Clear Ultima, which has been developed and imporved over the previous hugely successful version which in all honesty is one of the most successful and popular UV clarifiers ever made. Available in two models the, TMC Pro Clear Ultima 30 watt and TMC Pro Clear Ultim 55 watt for ponds from 3,300 gallons (15,000 litres) to 5,500 (25,000 litres) in size.

In addition the superb TMC Pro Pond Advantage 110 watt UV Clarifier is an all time popular UV suitable for ponds up to 16,000 gallons with dual UV lamps for the largest of systems.

The latest TMC Titan 110 watt UV Clarifier has now been introduced for ponds up to 24,000 gallons (108,000 litres) which now sits as the flag ship of the TMC UV range.

Please note that in theory you cannot oversize on the choice of UV clarifier you purchase, as all ponds are different and the UV clarifier needed is dependent on the stocking levels, sun light exposure etc. So if you are unsure which is the best UV for your pond please don't hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help.

TMC UV Clarifiers

TMC Pro Clear Ultima 30 Watt UV

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TMC Pro Clear Ultima 55 Watt UV

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TMC Pro Pond Advantage 110 Watt UV

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TMC Pro Pond Titan 110 Watt Uv

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