For many people the word Ozone sounds familiar, and this is usually because they've read about the ozone hole above Antartica. Here the natural Ozone layer has become so depleted it cannot filter out the UV radiation from the sun. However, Ozone hase numerous industrial apllications. One specific application is water purification. It has been used now for many years in fish breeding farms. Wherever we look, be it a salmon breeding farm, sea aquarium or people keeping fish at home, Ozone is useful in many applications.

This new range of Ozone generators has an optional Redox potential sensor system that ensures the generator works only when required. This means that the water quality is monitored by it's Redox valve. Only when this value is too low, will the Ozone generator produce Ozone to maintain a good water quality.

A great advantage of Ozone is that they work directly: no more waiting weeks or even months for the build up of bacteria necessary in a standard biological filter. This happens without any form of waste products. In this way any sudden ammonia or nitrite concentration can be prevented, at the same time any algae build up in your pond will be stopped and harmful bacteria killed.

Ozone is the ideal method for keeping your pond water in optimal condition. It not only results in clean water but also healthy fish. Because harmful waste products such as nitrite are converted into harmless compounds, the fish quickly achieve a better condition, and this gives them greater resistance to stress and illness. Ozone also delivers extra oxygen to the water, not only benefiting the fish, but also encouraging the growth of greater numbers of nitrifying bacteria.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a sort of super oxygen. Instead of two oxygen atoms (O2) it has three such atoms (O3). This state can be achieved in various ways such as through the use of high voltage. Ozone is however unstable, this means that the ozone will try to revert as quickly as possible back into oxygen. Ozone will seek out a substance that it can oxidize so that the original state can be quickly achieved. In this way a very powerful oxidizer is created, that is not only environmentally friendly, but also leaves behind no waste products.....just pure oxygen in your pond water!

Ozone Systems