These Elecro Quantum UVC sterilisers use the new Ceramic Nano Crystal technology, which is a prime focus of the science world today; processing the power to sterilise sewage into drinking water without the use of chemicals. Now the same technology has been adapted for the use on ponds, swimming ponds and swimming pools alike.

This new Elecro Quantum UV's features a photocatalytic Ti02/MO oxidiser and clarifier in one single unit, with the combined photocatalytic, hydroxylradical and UV technology, these amazing UV's eleminiates contaminents leaving the water fresh and clean and significantly reduces the need for chemicals in the pool or pond.

Each Quantum UVC is equipped with an inteligent lamp life indicator, and the UV lamp has an expected life span of two years. These incredible UVC sterilisers are both salt chlorinated and sea water compatible.

Available in three sizes as below:
  • Elecro 30 watt  Quantum Mini Classic for ponds up to 35 m³
  • Elecro 55 watt Quantum Single Classic for ponds up to 65 m³
  • Elecro 110 watt Quantum Double CLassic for ponds up to 130 m³
These are the latest technology of UV sterilisers that have come on to the Koi market and the science behind these are taking the world by storm.

Elecro Quantum UVC

Elecro 30 Watt Quantum UVC

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Elecro 55 Watt Quantum UVC

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Elecro 110 Watt Quantum UVC

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