This new range of professional UVC sterilizers have been developed by AquaForte and are suitable for larger ponds.

This new range of Prime Buster UV-C sterilizers are available in three sizes, 80 watt, 140 watt and 420 watt and will cater for ponds up to 66000 gallons in size and can handle huge flow rates due to their innovative design. These new Prime Buster UVC units are made from 316L stainless steel and can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

All of the Prime Buster UV-C models listed here can be used with salt water and chlorinated water applications, they all come with seperate ballast control boxes which display the the lamp life and condition of the Amalagam UV lamps that these units use.

Economical to run for the larger ponds and they can be installed on smaller ponds with a good flow rate.

Excellent choice.


Aquaforte Prime Buster UV-C

Aquaforte Prime Buster 80 watt UVC

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Aquaforte Prime Buster 140 watt UVC

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AquaForte Prime Buster 420 watt UVC

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