Speck Badu Pumps are produced in several models all of which are single phase and single speed, with the exception of the ECO-Touch Pro and Aqua Vario Plus models which are variable in both flow ond power consumption, and we are sure that there will be a model to suit your requirements.

Speck Badu Pump range at a glance:

Speck BADU Top Pumps:

The range of Speck Badu Top pumps are a very reliable high performance pump suitable for continuous operation in freshwater, marine systems and even some mild corrosive chemical applications. The materials in contact with the water are 316 stainless steel and composite plastic. The Top Range of pumps have a female 2 inch Inlet and female 1.5 inch outlet.The range of Top Pumps are all single speed and single phase and are genuinely the most powerful pumps on the market today

The Speck BADU Top Pump range are offered at a price of up to 20% and more off the normal list price and with 6 models in the range we are sure that you will find one to meet your requirements.

Speck BADU Magic:

The Speck BADU Magic remains unsurpassed in its quality of material and workmanship and its functional durability.  With More than a million Speck BADU pumps performing flawlessly in ponds all over the world. Speck's high quality continues with the Speck BADU Magic.

Speck BADU Top 42 Circulation Pumps:

The Speck Badu Top 42/5 and 42/8, pumps are probably one of the most versatile pumps available anywhere and can be used with or without the strainer basket, obviously depending of course on the application that you have in mind. The Speck BAdu Top 42 Range do not come with built in  strainer baskets so please don't forget to order one with your pump if you need one as these are extra.

If you need the Speck Badu Top Strainer Basket then please do not forget to order it along with your Speck badu Top pump as these are optional and therefore the cost of these strainer baskets is additional to the pump.

Speck Badu Eco Touch Pumps:

The new Speck Badu Eco Touch self-priming circulation pump, thanks to highly innovative motor technology, is revolutionizing energy consumption, operating costs and water quality in koi ponds. With its excellent efficiency rating, the highly efficient Speck BADU Eco Touch is setting revolutionary standards. Compared with a conventional induction motor pump, both the operating costs of New Badu Eco Touch and the CO2 emissions are significantly lower. The New Badu Eco Touch pays for itself within 2 years.

Speck Badu Aqua Vario Plus Pump:

The Aqua vario plus pump has a controlled motor enabelling you to adjust the speed and hence the power consuption which considerably reduces running costs. You can program up to three speeds 2000, 24000 and 2800 via the user inetrface. Stunning Pump.

Speck Badu Magic Pumps:

The Speck BADU Magic range are specially designed for applications in small filtration plants, splash pools, koi ponds and water features. The Speck Badu Magic range of pond pumps are made to the exacting standards of all the other pumps in the Speck Badu Pump Range.

Speck BADU Pumps

Speck BADU Aqua Vario Plus Pond Pump

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Speck BADU Eco Touch Pro II Pump

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Speck BADU Top 6 Pump

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Speck BADU Top 8 Pump

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Speck Badu Top 12 Pump

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Speck BADU top 14 Pump

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Speck BADU Top 20 Pump

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Speck BADU Top 25 Pump

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