Performance Pro Cascade pumps are highly efficient, industrial grade pumps. Ideal for your pond, water feature, or general transfer and recirculation needs.

Performance Pro Cascade Pumps produce excellent flow rates at sufficient pressure (head) to really get the job done. The industrial grade polypropylene housings are built for long term use. A strainer basket may be attached to facilitate priming in a suction lift application and strain debris from the inflow. The addition of a strainer basket is recommended on certain installations as they can also protect the pumps impellor from damage.

Performance Pro Cascade Pump product features:
  • Money saving high efficiency Pumps.
  • 1.5 inch Female Threaded Inlet and Outet.
  • 50/60hz.
  • Long Life, corrosion resistant, 316 Stainless Steel shaft seals.
  • Impellor interchangeability alows you to easily change your pump's performance.
  • Top of the line Baldor motors. All 1725 rpm units are totally enclosed for excellent protection and long term reliability.
  • Both pump ends and motors are designed for quiet operation
  • Safety first - out of pond pumps help protect both you and your fish from annoying and potentially dangerous oil and electrical leaks.
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • strainer basket can be ordered seperately.
The Performance Pro Cascade Pumps are available in three Models, the Performace Pro 13000, the performance Pro 15000 and the performance Pro 18000

Performance Pro cascade pumps are the improved version of the Sequence range of pond pumps, these pumps are more efficient and have a higher flow rate and head pressure than the Sequence Pumps. Easily recognised by their all black housing

Performance Pro Cascade Pumps

Performance Pro 13000 Cascade Pump

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Performance Pro 15000 Cascade Pump

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Performance Pro 18000 Cascade Pump

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Performance Pro Cascade Strainer Basket

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