The Flowfriend Pump gives you Max Flow with the minimum cost and is way agead of it's time inthe field of energy efficient water pumps.

The Flowfriend motor is a premium efficiency motor IE4. The FlowFriend Pump meets the latest energy requirements from 2015 what will be required in the industry.

The engine is fully developed and manufactured in Germany. The flow is adjustable by speed (800-2550 rpm). For controlling the pump there is a built in diaply unit, where the power, speed and hours are shown and can be adjusted.

The Flowfriend pump is a highly efficient, new generation permanent magnet motor, its made from the highest quality components available in Germany.

With ingenious and optimised hydraulics,and a fully stainless steel 316 casting, the build quality of these pumps is second to none.

Optimum adaptation to the pond anvironment and the season by rthe adjustable speed control Permanent Magnet motor (PMSM)

FlowFriend Pond Pumps

FlowFriend Junior Pond Pump

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FlowFriend Pond Pump

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