Aquaforte EcoMax O Series Pond Pumps

The Aquaforte EcoMax O Plus series pumps are very energy efficient pond pumps in part due to their innovative electronics. Aquafote EcoMax O Plus series pumps are virtually silent, with no copper parts and they are equipped with a  wear-resistant ceramic shaft. The pump will switch itself off automatically when there is no water in the rotor. If a blockage in the impellor is detected, the pump will go into a 'lock' position allowing no power and wait until the bloackage is cleared, this prevents damage to the motor from burning out. The Aquaforte O PLUS series pumps are designed to pump water containing solid material to a pond filter or a waterfall. The Aquaforte EcoMax O Plus Series pump cage has been specially designed to prevent it from clogging by providing the maximun surface are possible.

The Aquaforte EcoMax O Plus Series pond pumps can be used dry mounted inline just like the Aquamax range, they also have the same 1.5 inch threaded inlet and outlet. When using a pond pump to power a filter system reliability is essential, these Aquaforte O Plus Series pumps provide exactly that.

Aquafote EcoMax O Plus Series Pond Pump Product Features:
  • Pumps large quantities of water with low energy consumption
  • Vortex impellor blades can handle solids up to 6 mm
  • Pump Outlet has a screw threaded hosetail 25-38 mm (1" - 1.5")
  • 2 Year Manufacturer backed guarantee
  • Suitable for dry mount applications (inlet must be below water level)

Aquaforte Ecomax O PLUS series Pumps