The Aquaforte Ecomax DM series Pond Pumps

This Ecomax DM range of pond pumps are a new range of high energy efficient pumps with innovative electronics technology that are designed to pump water to filtration systems, waterfalls and fountains etc.

The range of Aquaforte Ecomax DM series pumps are energy efficient, quiet in operation and are suitable for dry mount installations (externally form the pond water).

These DM Ecomax pumps are capable of pumping solids up to 6mm in size and the pumps built in electronics technology will stop the pump from running, should the impellor become jammed, thus saving both electricity and damage to the pump itself.The pumpwill start again once the blockage is cleared.

With 6 pumps in the range, starting with the DM 3500 running for just 25 watts to the DM 13000 running for just 110 watts, there is sure to be a pump in this range that will  meet your requirements.

The aquaforte Ecomax DM series pumps are suited to both fresh and salt water applications and the pumps contain no copper parts and fitted with a durable ceramic shaft.

The pumps in the range are as follows:
  • Aquaforte Ecomax DM 3500 - 25 watts
  • Aquaforte Ecomax DM 5000 - 40 watts
  • Aquaforte Ecomax DM 6500 - 50 watts
  • Aquaforte Ecomax DM 8000 - 70 watts
  • Aquaforte Ecomax DM 10000 - 85 watts
  • Aquaforte Ecomax DM 13000 - 110 watts


Aquaforte Ecomax DM Series Pumps

AquaForte Ecomax DM 3500 Pond Pump 25 watt

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Aquaforte Ecomax DM 5000 Pond Pump 40 watt

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Aquaforte Ecomax DM 6500 Pond Pump 50 watt

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Aquaforte Ecomax DM 8000 Pond Pump 70 watt

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Aquaforte Ecomax DM 10000 Pond Pump 85 watt

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Aquaforte Ecomax DM 13000 Pond Pump 110 watt

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