This new upgraded Pro line Titanium Aquatic Pond Heaters and Pro Line Digital thermostat now comes with a thermal cutout and reset switch for added peace of mind. These are ideal for quarantine systems or smaller ponds, and come complete with the  Pro-line digital thermostat ready to go.

These all new Pro line heater units have TiTanium heating elements with pure TiTanium flow tube to ensure its suitability for use on All Aquatic Systems, including salt water and tropical marine.

The new improved Pro Line Digital Thermostat now comes with a thermal cutout and reset switch as standard.

The beauty about these heaters is that they are modular, in the sense that the TiTanium elements and Thermostats can be purchased seperately and are all compatible with each other. So if one part should fail you don't have to replace the whole heater. This also enables both upgrades and downgrades of the element as the Digital thermostat is compatible with all elements.

The digitla thermostat will not only run these TiTanium elements but are also compatible with other heat sources and work perfectly well with gas and oil boilers etc.

Pro Line Pond Heaters