All Elecro electric heaters feature  unique coiled heating element technology. This technology icoporated into all their heaters creates a turbulent vortex in the water as it flows through the heater.The vortex has the effect of increasing the water velocity and provides two very important benefits: firstly to ensure that all the heat generated by the heater is transfered from the element into the water, and secondly to ensure that no build up ofmineral deposits occur which can often lead to an element's failure .All these benefits combined mean that all Elecro electric heaters will operate at 100% efficiency througout their long life.

Elecro engineering are considered one of the leading international manufacturers and specialists in the field of swimming pool water heating.Based in the UK and established around 20 years ago, Elecro has grown to a renowned and sought after brand in the industry. With the aim of providing the highest quality equipment heating and treatment of swimming pools, this has evolved into other markets such as aquatic, tropical marine and numerous bespoke projects such as building reaction chambers and large heat exchangers. With a few facility upgrades and a growing team of talented, dedicated and enthusiastic staff, Elecro now exports to over 70 different countries across the globe.

The Elecro team have been nvolved in the design, development and manufacture of thousands of pool and aquatic heating systems worldwide. Much of the companies success is down to their dedication to research and development, ensuring unparalleled product durability, safety and reliability. The Elecro range of heaters are built to exacting standards, consisting of the highest quality of materials and components.

The choice for pool and aquatic professionals thoughout the worl. Elecro maintain a loyal and dedicated partnership with their customers, offering a stress free servcie, short lead times and quality, long lasting products.

Elecro Koi Pond Heaters