Superbead Bead Filters

The SuperBead Bead Filter system is the original Beadfilter; the mother of all other Bead Filter Systems!

Bead Filtration goes back to the 80’s when professor Ronald F. Malone from the USA marked the beginning of the floating Bead filters commonly known today. These filters are well known under the name BubbleBead filters.

The SuperBead combines fine mechanical filtration with biological filtration. The SuperBead is used for koi and swimming ponds, as well as swimming pools. The filter features a different rinsing process than ordinary Beadfilter systems and sand filtersremoving the necessity for high powered blowers and high pressure ecternal pumps.

Some of the SuperBead’s benefits:
  • Suitable for use with energy efficient pumps
  • Easy to use
  • No additional air pumps (less wear and tear, maintenance and less sensitive to moisture/water)
  • Excellent biological filtration
  • Less energy consumption
  • Easy to automate with the optional automatic backwash system (Large Superbead Flter Only)
The SuperBead Bead Filters are easy to recognise because of their hour glass shape. This shape is necessary to obtain a laminar flow which is as high as possible, in this way, the floating bed remains steady, this ensures that there is an even water distribution thoughout all the beads which results in better mechanical and biological filtration.

The Superbead Bead filters are available in two Sizes:
  • Superbead Small - for ponds up to 4000 gallons
  • Superbead Large - for ponds up to 8000 gallons
The Superbead Large filter can be automated for the cleaning cycle with the Superbead Automatic Backwash System available seperately.

Superbead Bead Filters