Here at Dankoi we caerry a large selection of filter media for your biological filters running on your KOi pond.

Bacteria convert harmful by-products like Ammonia and Nitrite from fish waste, uneaten food and aquatic animals into less harmful Nitrates. This process is called the nitrification process. This process occurs naturally in natures's lakes and streams. In a koi pond or garden pond, as these environments are usually closed vessels, i.e. without running water, we need to create a habitat for all these nitrifying bacteria to live and this is where filter media have a rightful and very important place within the ecosystem.

In a Koi pond or garden pond the bacteria live and can be found on the pond walls and within the filter systems and plumbing. The reason we add filter media to the ecosystem is to supply a surface area for these beneficial bacteria to colonize keeping the whole pond healthy and clean. It is vitally important to remove all the debris and pollutants from the pond whilst keeping the bacteria in the system

In this section, we offer some of the best filter media available to keep the pond environment healthy and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Filter Media