This range of Double Union Ball Valves available on the market today are priced at a very competitive price and are designed to work wih our full range of pressure pipework and fittings.

These Blue Handled Ball Valves are slightly smaller in length than other Ball valves that are available, so may be a very good choice if space is limited. These are excellent quality Ball Valves that are adjustable, meaning that you can tighten or losen the Ball valves in the socket to ease or tighten the movement of the handle, also adjustable for minor leaks etc. The handle comes off the ball valve to act as a spanner to do this.

These Double Union Ball Valves are the best way of isolating the water from your pond and isolating peripherals such as pumps, Uv's, heaters etc.

Available in Five Sizes as below:
  • 1-1/2 Inch Double Union Ball Valve
  • 2 Inch Double Union Ball valve
  • 3 Inch Double Union Ball Valve
  • 4 Inch Double Union Ball Valve
  • 110mm Double Union Ball Valve
Propbably our best selling Ball Valve!

Double Union Ball Valves (Blue Handle)