Kusuri is a UK based company who specialise in all manor and manufacture of fish health, fish food and pond water clarity and upkeep products.

Kusuri are a well established company providing everything necessary for fish and pond keeping, with an excellent range of koi foods and medication products as well as the two blanket weed control products in this section.

Kusuri Powder Gold has been used extensively used for decades for the eradication of blanket weed and with great sucess in customer ponds. Kusuri Eco Pure, which as a preventative treatment is excellent for preventing the formation of blanket weed from the onset. Their products are sold all over the world and their Powder Gold and koi food are just some of our best selllers and have been for a long time.

Take time to read the individual product details and see if these superb products can assist you with your fishkeeping, I am sure they can!



Kusuri Blanket Weed Products