The HiBlow range of linear diaphragm air pumps provide worldwide solutions for the future with it's extensive product portfolio. Techno Takatsuki was the first company to create electromagnetic diaphragm air pumps with the introduction of the HIBlow air pumps in 1967. Since then it has produced over 15 million units worldwide and remains the leading innovator of this electomagnetic diaphragm technology.

The advanced technology in the HiBlow range of air pumps has been applied to create highly durable, high quality, low noise and power efficient solutions for an expanding range of technical applications in over 40 countries. The HiBlow range of air pumps can be found in a diverse range of industrial, medical, environmental and consumer related applications.

Power efficiencey and well tested rugged reliability makes them ideal for many continuous use installations for both indoor and outdoor applications. For over 50 years, the reputation of the HiBlow air pumps manufactured by Techno Takatsuki are recognised as a highly reliable supplier and innovative designer of electromagnetic linear diaphragm air pumps by some of the worlds largest companies such as Panasonic, Hitachi and Sanyo plus many others.

HiBlow air pumps offer a full range of linear diaphragm air compressors and Vacuum pumps that provide solutions to a broad range of requirements including medical, industrial, environmental and consumer applications.

HiBlow obviously still manufacture the original HiBlow HP series of air pumps but have recently added the HiBlow XP Series to their superb portfolio. The later HiBlow XP series air pumps are based on the technology of the HiBlow HP series but now offer slightly more economical units to run.

Hi Blow Air Pumps

HiBlow HP40 Air Pump

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HiBlow HP80 Air Pump

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HiBlow HP100 Air Pump

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HiBlow HP200 Air Pump

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HIBlow XP40 Air Pump

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HIBlow XP60 Air Pump

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HiBlow XP80 Air Pump

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