The OASE AquaMax EcoTitanium

The OASE AquaMax Eco Titanium range of pumps are great for pumping large bodies of water. The robust power pack with pump hosing made of stainless steel as well as the rotor shaft and bearings made of high-quality SIC ceramics make these pumps ideal for large gravity filter systems with or without koi.

The EquaMax Eco Titanium is capable of moving course dirt up to 6 mm in grain size. This superb energy efficient pump can be controlled by app from the local network using optional accessories. The AquaMax Eco Titanium pumps switch off automatically in the event of dry running or blockage, preventing damage to the unit.

Available in the following sizes:
  • AquaMax Eco Titanium 31000
  • AquaMax Eco Titanium 51000
  • Aquamax Eco Titanium 81000
With a compact design, these filter pumps feature some of the most impressive flow rates available within the Oase range, without compromising reliability and longevity. These AquaMax EcoTitanium pumps were mainly designed for use with the Oase ProfiClear drum filters, specifically in a garvity fed system, to pump the mechanically and biologically filtered water back to the pond. They are suited perfectly to this role, as their massive flow rate is required to ensure that the whole drum filter system is as efficient as possible. They can be connected to the Oase Bitron Premium UVC pond clarifiers, with a wide range of connectors available to match the individual application or project.

Just like the drum filter itself, these pumps have EGC connetion capabilty through the use of the Oase FM Master EGC, allowing them to be electronically dimmed to match the filtration required through the seasons, allowing power to be saved during the less demanding winter months where less filtration, and therefor a lower flow rate, is required.


OASE AquaMax ECO Titanium Pumps

OASE AquaMax ECO Titanium 31000 Pond Pump

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OASE AquaMax ECO Titanium 51000 Pond Pump

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OASE AquaMax ECO Titanium 81000 Pond Pump

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