Transform your pond water quailty with an OASE drum filter systems. These advanced drum filters offer outstanding performance at competitive prices, allowing you to efficiently filter pond dirt and debris and ensure a healthy environment for pond's fish. Here we have available a full range of OASE drum filters to suit all pond types, so whether you’re updating a small koi pond or a larger garden pond, we’re confident you’ll find an Oase drum filter system here to meet your requirements. The OASE Drum filters are available as stand alone drum filters, compact drum filters, working as both drum filters and biological filters and the modular filter systems.

The Oase Drum Filter range combines proven tried and tested gravity and pump fed systems with modern technology. With various models in the range from the free standing to the complete modular systems to create a Filter system that can be tailored to any pond. With the Proficlear Premium system it is easy to create a highly efficient system with low running costs that will meet the highest of demands and pond sizes. The Proficlear Premium was specifically designed with the Koi pond owners needs in mind but is also perfect for every pond from wildlife ponds, Goldfish ponds, High stock Koi ponds and even small lakes and hybrid commercial projects, these filter systems are suitable for any pond and can be customised for any environment.

OASE Drum Filters