The FujiMac range of linear diaphragm air pumps are of just superb quality and simply built to last.

The FujiMac range of linear diaphragm air pumps are one of the quietest and most energy efficient air pumps available on the market today. They are also one of the most rugged and longest lasting air pumps you can buy, and when it does need maintenance, fifteen minutes with a few simple tools will have your FujiMac air pump ready for years more reliable service.

FujiMac's 30 year track record of producing the world's best diaphragm air pumps has been achieved by stringent quality control, designed and tested to commercial standards, these FujiMac air pumps are suitable for all types of use from water waste management systems, pond aerastion, medical applications etc. This new range of RII air pumps have undergone over five years of rigorous testing by the FujiMac research and development staff. These pumps are designed to withstand  the elements with their durable aluminium housing covered with the latest technology in paint finishes. FujiMac air pumps have been fully tested in harsh environments to ensure their durability such as in the southeast Asia's humidity and the hot Texas sun so you can be sure you won't buy better.

The FujiMac air pumps have also achieved best in class for noise level, this is achieved through their proprietary sound reduction technologies, including a unique noise barrier aluminium housing and anti-vibration rubber technology.

With seven models in the range from the 40 lpm to the 300 lpm you are sure to find one that perfectly meets your requirements.

The FujiMac air pumps, are fully designed, developed, tested and made in Japan.

FujiMac Air Pumps

FujiMac 40 Air Pump

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FujiMAC 60 Air Pump

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FujiMAC 100 Air Pump

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FujiMAC 150 Air Pump

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FujiMAC 200 Air Pump

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FujiMAC 250 Air Pump

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FujiMAC 300 Air Pump

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